Lost In Translation turns 15. To celebrate here are some of our favourite images from Sofia Coppola's Tokyo love story.


Sofia Coppola recently reflected in an intimate interview with Little White Lies in celebration of Lost In Translation turning 15 years old. To mark the 15th anniversary of the intimate Tokyo love story we're sharing some of our favourite insights and images from the film which saw an unlikely bond between an aging movie star and uncertain newly wed result in Oscar success.  


Sofia Coppola wouldn't make the film without Bill Murray being cast as the lead.

This proved a challenge as Bill Murray who is notoriously known for his anti-hollywood elusive ways and doesn't actually have an agent, manager or even reportedly a mobile phone. Coppola was luckily able to connect and cast him through a mutual friend who forwarded the script to Murray.


Coppola first spotted Scarlett Johansson when she was only 12 years old

After falling in love with her performance in the 1996 drama Manny & Lo, Coppola was drawn towards her husky voice and maturity at such a young age. Coppola decided to give the newcomer a shot and casted her for Lost In Translation when she was only 17.

Lost in translation.jpg

Coppola had to break a rule or two to get her film across the finish line

After overstaying her welcome at a restaurant used as a location for the shoot, the owner decided to turn off all the lights, leaving her and the crew in total darkness.  Coppola was faced with the decision to cut the scene or shoot the scene with no lights. 


Lost in translation was shot in film with an Aaton 35 using Kodak 5263 film stock after her filmmaking father Francis Coppola told her “You might as well shoot film. It’s not going to be around very much longer,”

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Mathieu Ajan